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Coaxial Connector Part

Connectors provide the ability to connect electronic products and cables. The small tolerance range can help you avoid other problems, such as assembly, connection, and electronic signal stability
At the same time, it also provides post-processing services such as anodizing, electroplating, and coloring.
Item Capability
Size OD: 1mm~50mm (3,000mm round bar apply.)
Tolerance ±0.003 (depends on the material)


Machinery Material

Material Specification
Titanium CP1~CP4, Ti-6AL-4V
Brass / Copper C3602, C3604, C6802, C17700
Aluminum AL2011, AL2021, AL6061, AL7075, AL5056


Post Production Process

Type Process
Surface treatment Nickel Plating, Anodizing
Other Grinding, Polishing, Laser carved

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