Other Treatment

At Huangliang Precision, we provide a variety of other methods, including our professional laser engraving team, who can focus on each workpiece and perfectly meet your needs for precision parts.


In the manufacturing industry, grinding is a finishing method. Using abrasive particles coated or press-embedded on the grinding tool, the processing surface is finished by the relative movement of the grinding tool and the workpiece under a certain pressure. Alternatively, the abrasive particles and additives are mixed and dispersed in a solvent, and processed by relative movement with the processed surface to achieve a higher finish.

  • Simple equipment, low precision requirements
  • Reliable processing quality. High shape accuracy and low surface roughness can be obtained


Polishing is a processing technique that uses physical machinery or chemicals to reduce the surface roughness of objects. Polishing technology is mainly used in precision machinery and optical industries. The polished surface of the workpiece is smooth and has a good reflection effect. After the workpiece is polished, the thickness will be reduced and easily scratched. The surface must be cleaned with fine velvet cloth, suede, swan hair and a special cleaning agent.

  • Achieve bright, smooth and clean surface
  • Increase or strengthen the reflection effect
  • Reduce surface roughness
  • Electrolytic polishing can improve the corrosion resistance of the surface

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a method of permanently transferring text or patterns on a workpiece, which also includes color changes caused by high heat ablation. This technology is applicable to almost all materials, including wood, metal, semiconductor to diamond, and has advantages over alternative engraving or marking technologies that require regular replacement of ink or drill bits.

  • Can be applied to almost any material
  • There is no waste of ink and drill costs
  • No fading, the engraved text or pattern is permanently effective

Thread Locking Compound (NYLOK) 

Generally called "Nylok Blue Patch" processing, it is mainly divided into two forms: nut and screw. The main principle is to attach engineering plastic to the screw tooth surface. The plastic is deformed during the locking process, thereby fixing the workpiece.

  • Avoid mechanical displacement
  • Can withstand continuous vibration without loosening
  • Suitable for use in power machinery such as automobiles and motorcycles
  • Suitable for use on bicycles

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