At Huangliang Precision, we're known for delivering parts to customers that meet their exact requirements. In the competitive marketplace of manufacturing, our customers stay with us because we put their needs first in everything we do. This starts with starts with sales and customer service, but also extends to our investments in equipment, team development, and other proven means of continuous improvement.

In addition, we use precise quality inspection equipment and human eyes to reliably deliver perfect parts. Finally, every part undergoes multiple visual inspections before being permitted to make its way to our customers.
Quality Control managements is the most important approach to drive us continual improvement. Meeting dimensions on a design sheet is only a part of the process.


Huangliang Precision has passed IATF 16949 certification, providing unified and high-quality auto parts and related services to global customers.


Reliability and quality are of the utmost importance to Huangliang Precision, so we have established a quality management system based on ISO 9001 and continue to improve, meet your expectations as a customer and continue to surpass。


Controlling and reducing the impact on the environment is the responsibility of the modern manufacturing industry to the environment. Huangliang has introduced ISO 14001:2015 to reduce environmental pollution and efficient resource utilization.

Huangliang Precision has obtained ISO 45001: 2018 certification, which guarantees workplace safety and employee health.


The world's leading business information provider, this type of business information is widely used in risk management, marketing and supply management decision-making fields.Relying on the good reputation and stable supply accumulated over the years, D&B's third-party enterprise certification is a great affirmation of Huangliang Precision.


Testing equipment

We use precise quality inspection equipment and human eyes to reliably deliver perfect parts. Each equipment is regularly calibrated to ensure that each size is as you expected.


Sheffield 4.5.4 SF CMM

Sheffield 4.5.4 SF CMM is a new type of 3D coordinate measuring machine specially designed for factories, equipped with German Heidenhain high-resolution optical ruler, which can still maintain accurate measurement levels under harsh manufacturing environments. With advanced temperature compensation algorithm, it can maintain high precision and accurate measurement results under 15°C-40°C working environment.


JMT  / AXIS / VFS / 3DFAMILY  2.5D Video Inspection System

The 2.5D image measurement system provides fast and accurate measurement to ensure that the product meets the specifications on the design drawing during on-site manufacturing.


Hitachi XRF Analyzer

Hitachi X-ray fluorescence analyzer can automatically detect RoHS hazardous substances, and can determine and select measurement conditions for analysis by itself, so as to avoid testing errors caused by human operation errors.

KEYENCE IM Series Image Dimension Measuring System

KEYENCE IM series image size measurement system provides overwhelming measurement speed and high measurement accuracy.


FUTURE-TECH Rockwell Hardness Machine

The universal hardness tester is suitable for hardness testing of various metal parts, molds, materials, and heat-treated parts.


Other measuring tools

Including electronic vernier calipers, height gauges, thickness gauges, plug gauges, gauges, tooth gauges, ring gauges, electronic scales, etc.

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