CNC Turning Services

Huang Liang Precision is a CNC precision turned parts supplier, manufacturer, and exporter in Taiwan. Advanced processing machines combined with 30 years of experience provide high-quality OEM precision turned parts. This includes washers, bolts, Shafts, screws, counterweights, sleeves, RF connectors, electronic connectors, stainless steel fittings, pipe fittings, earphone parts, wheel studs, etc.


  • Produced by IATF 16949 certified qualified parts supplier
  • More than 100 CNC processing machines, producing more than 70,000 parts per month
  • Stable delivery speed and quality that have won the trust of various manufacturers
  • More than 30 kinds of materials to choose, including engineering plastics
  • Rapid prototyping and final mass production services
  • High-quality processing accuracy, minimal error in finished product size
  • Provide a variety of surface treatment services

Why choose Huangliang Precision ?

Through the accumulation of 30 years of experience and the CNC machining machines made in Japan, the precision parts we produce are trusted by customers and are mostly used in harsh working environments such as automobiles and motorcycles. Your daily transportation is likely to be manufactured by us. Parts, in addition, stable shipments are also a major indicator for customers to choose Huangliang Precision. Through our partners, they can be shipped to all parts of the world quickly and efficiently.

  • We are IATF 16949 and multiple certified parts suppliers
  • Our delivery situation is stable, and our quality and speed are well received by customers.
  • Our technicians are experts in the turning field, provide professional advice, and work closely with your team
  • Provide a variety of materials and post-processing options, including drilling, sandblasting, laser engraving and other one-stop solutions
  • We provide foreign shipping services

What is CNC turning?

  • The material rod is usually round, but it can also be in other shapes, such as square or hexagon
  • The maximum outer diameter (OD) depends on the feeder. The length of the material rod can vary, but this will affect the maximum output and production efficiency
  • The CNC has a "real-time" tool option to stop rotation and add other functions such as drilling, grooves and milling surfaces
  • Some CNC turning machines have one spindle, which can do all the work from one side, while other turning machines have two spindles, one is the main spindle and the other is the counter spindle. Parts can be partly machined on the main spindle, then moved to the sub-spindle, and perform additional work on the other side of the configuration
  • There are many types of CNC turning machines. They have various types of tool options, spindle options, outer diameter limits, and power and speed functions. Suitable part shapes and machines help reduce production costs.

Is my part suitable for CNC turning?

There are many factors that need to be considered when determining whether parts can be manufactured on a CNC turning machine with the highest cost-effectiveness, but the main ones we need to look at are :

  • The maximum outer diameter of the part you commission, the outer diameter range we can accept is 1mm ~ 50mm.
  • Is the design drawing correct? To avoid money loss caused by subsequent production and final assembly errors
  • Is it the final version of the design? Design changes midway may affect the delivery time
  • Is the material appropriate? Because we are very concerned about application safety and other related issues

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